This candy collection is a must for the sparklers of the world. The ones who have a little pep in their step, a twinkle in their eye and adventure in their heart. Our Sparkling Collection Candygram is the perfect gift to show someone how much you appreciate them, or as a congratulatory gift to celebrate one of life's special moments. Spoil someone today with the ultimate in luxury candygrams.

Each Sparkling Collection Candygram features:

Bubbly Bears

Pop a bottle (or cube) and celebrate the finer things in life with these sweet little bears. Made with quality Prosecco from the wine regions of Italy, enjoy them in both Brut and Rosé. These sweet little babies offer the perfect party favour - because every occasion deserves a little sparkle.

Grappa Cordials

Not for the faint of heart these are the perfect end to a delicious meal, or perhaps even as a sneaky nightcap. Tiny shots of Grappa encased in either milk or white chocolate shells, these taste bombs start sweet and innocent, but watch out - they pack a punch.

Bellini Hearts

From the moment you open these Bellini Hearts the smell will have you dreaming of lounging by the poolside on a hot summers' day. All natural gummy hearts bursting with juicy peach flavours, and covered in tingly sugar crystals for a little sour kick. These are perfect paired with a glass of Champagne (or a Bellini, of course) to make for an extra fun candy buffet.

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Dietary and Nutritional Information

Bubbly Bears

Grappa Cordials

Bellini Hearts


Please see individual product labels listed in dietary and nutritional information for candy ingredients.

Candy Care and Delivery

This candygram contains chocolate and is not suitable for standard delivery during warmer months.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Flat rate delivery in cool weather $12.95

*contains alcohol - please contact if you would like a non alcoholic option