This selection of candy cubes is the ultimate pick for any chocolate lover. Now you can wrap your chocolate loving hands around six of our decadent luxury chocolate candy cubes with this one time special offer.

This selection features:

Jamaican Rum Cordials

For those who like their coconuts and rum with a side of chocolate, these cordials are hard to beat. A coconut infused European dark chocolate hides a splash of Jamaican rum in the centre - you better eat these ones whole so you don't spill the loot!

Apple Strudel Caramels

Pancrafted in the United States, these delicious chocolate caramels ignite fond memories of toffee apples and grandma's famous apple pie topped with caramel and a drop of cream. Smooth creamy caramels, dipped in fuji apple infused white chocolate, they really are a flavour explosion that is sure to impress.

Grappa Cordials

Not for the faint of heart these are the perfect end to a delicious meal, or perhaps even as a sneaky nightcap. Tiny shots of Grappa encased in either milk or white chocolate shells, these taste bombs start sweet and innocent, but watch out - they pack a punch.

Kir Royale

Our Kir Royalé candies offer a sophisticated spin on chocolate for grown-ups. A luscious little shot of the French dark red liqueur Crème de cassis, encased in creamy white chocolate and dusted in fine blackcurrant powder. A perfect ode to the classic cocktail.

Limoncello Cordials

Originating in Italy more than 100 years ago, the true history of Limoncello, a liqueur made from the zest of lemons, is a mystery. Thanks to these sweet treats the taste doesn't have to be though. A crisp white candy shell holds a creamy white chocolate centre, with a surprise shot of the tangy lemon liqueur hidden inside. A little chocolate with your after dinner Limoncello never goes astray!

Confetti Crunch

Why celebrate your birthday only once a year? Everyone deserves a flavour party and our Confetti Crunch hits the spot. Bite sized cookie pieces coated in chocolate and confetti - because birthdays are more fun when they're sweet!

Warning some of these products contain alcohol.

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