About Us

About Confeitto

Beck was inspired by the love and joy her children experienced from lollies and decided to create Confeitto to bring that same joy to adults with only the best candy. As the only unique artisan candy-to-your-door service for adults in Australia, Confeitto has grown from a combined passion for candy and witnessing the delight experienced when someone opens a personalised care package. Our goal is to bring the exotic world of candygrams to adult gift-giving.

We source our products from all over the globe, with a special focus on ensuring each item has a grown-up twist. From cocktail-inspired candies to individually molded sweets, we have carefully selected each item to bring the magic back to candy. Our products are perfect for showing someone special that you're thinking of them, adding some personalised nostalgia to an event, or simply treating yourself to something sweet.

At Confeitto, we believe that candy is not just for kids, and our products aim to prove just that. So, whether you're looking for a unique gift or a personal indulgence, we have it all. Choose Confeitto and let us bring the joy of candy to your doorstep

 Why not join us for a trip around the world, Confeitto style?