Our Founder

"As an adult, some of my fondest memories stem from some of the simplest moments and experiences I had as a child. There is something so pure and delightful about the wonder that a child experiences in the simple moments that grown-ups can sometimes forget or overcomplicate. One of these things for me was candy (aka lollies).

In Confeitto, the goal was to combine a desire, a personal need and a necessity. A desire to create more opportunities for people to spread sweetness, a personal need for unique just because gifts (especially for him!) and the necessity for more child like wonder-ful moments for grown-ups.

Sitting in my lounge room watching my son's reaction to receiving candy, I began to question how could something so small create such joy? & how could I re-create this for grown-ups? So I set off on an adventure, searching for grown-up luxury candy around the world.

Welcome to Confeitto...... My only hope for you and the people that you share Confeitto with, is that you truly take the time to enjoy the experience. These beautifully curated artisan candies have been handpicked to bring joy and spread sweetness. We hope that you enjoy your trip #Confeittostyle."