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Happy Hour Collection

Happy Hour Collection

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Happy Hour Collection

Why limit happy to an hour? We all love a good catchup over cocktails, and now you can comfortably do so at any time of day with our Confeitto Happy Hour candygrams. We've done the hard work for you by sourcing the best gin and tonic, daiquiri gummies and Bubbly Bears from around the world, so we know there's something for everyone in this sweet little box. Enjoy our delicious combination of summery cocktail candy all year round - and best of all, these cocktails are super easy to share with your loved ones!

Each Happy Hour Candygram features:
Gin and Tonic - a thirst quencher in gummy form. These refreshing Gin & Tonic gummies have an invigorating mix of citrus and botanical flavours perfectly balanced with the gentle spice of gin and tonic. 

Daiquiri Bears - escape to a tropical island for a moment, and sip on the sweet notes of a Strawberry Daiquiri in the sunshine. Or, enjoy a couple of these fruity gummies from the comfort of home. With the well-known flavours of strawberry and white rum you can now enjoy your favourite summer cocktail all year round!

Bubbly Bears - Pop a bottle (or cube) and celebrate the finer things in life with these sweet little bears. Made with quality Prosecco from the wine regions of Italy, enjoy them in both Brut and Rosé. These sweet little babies offer the perfect party favour - because every occasion deserves a little sparkle.

Cheers to that!

**Images do not reflect complete contents of candy gram due to international shortage. Bubbly bears have replaced the limoncello bears as they are no longer made.

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