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Cappuccino Bursts

Cappuccino Bursts

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Cappuccino Bursts

Not for the faint of heart these are the perfect end to a delicious meal, or perhaps even as a sneaky nightcap. Introducing our cappuccino bursts, the perfect combination of creamy milk, rich white chocolate, and a liquid filling that bursts with flavor in every bite. Made with premium ingredients, these decadent treats are covered with high-quality whole milk and boast a chocolate content of 66%.

The liquid filling is a blend of mocha paste, coffee, and cocoa butter, creating a unique and indulgent taste experience. 

Handmade in Germany.

Please note that this candy contains alcohol. By purchasing you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age and that this product will not be illegally provided to underage persons. 

Not recommended for consumption if pregnant or breastfeeding. 

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