The Top 5 Sweetest Christmas Gifts

Last year, the stress of finding a great gift for each of my loved ones was so hard that it temporarily took away some of the joy that I got from gift giving at Christmas. So I set out in search of the perfect gift that would ignite the child-like sense of wonder that we all experienced as a child, but with a little grown-up twist. Cue Confeitto.

This year, I've worked hard with the Christmas Fairies at Confeitto and of course with Santa & his candy coated Elves to help reignite the joy of gift giving and receiving this Christmas.

So now, the stress of Christmas shopping is a thing of the past thanks to Confeitto's new and ultra luxury grown-up Candygrams. So good that they will have everyone buzzing with joy and excitement (and not just from the alcohol!).


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