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The sweetest Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your list

Christmas, truly is the most wonderful time of year. It's the universal time for us to take a break from the every day hustle and bustle, while soaking up the Aussie sunshine and the time that we spend with our family and friends.

Confession: I am that girl that promptly places Christmas decorations all over the house as soon as it is socially acceptable (hello November!) But despite my love of Christmas and my "not quite - but almost" overly organised OCD ways, every year without fail, the last minute mad dash to tick everyone's name off of the Christmas list just gets harder and harder.

Last year, the stress of finding a great gift for each of my loved ones was so hard that it temporarily took away some of the joy that I got from gift giving at Christmas. So I set out in search of the perfect gift that would ignite the child-like sense of wonder that we all experienced as a child, but with a little grown-up twist. Cue Confeitto! 

This year, I've worked hard with the Christmas Fairies at Confeitto and of course with Santa & his candy coated Elves to help reignite the joy of gift giving and receiving this Christmas.

So now, the stress of Christmas shopping is a thing of the past thanks to Confeitto's new and ultra luxury grown-up Candygrams. So good that they will have everyone buzzing with joy and excitement (and not just from the alcohol!). 

Check out some of my favourite Christmas Gift options below.


1. Gifts for Him

Stop searching - you've finally found the perfect gift for him! 

I am sure I am not alone when I say that gift shopping for men is SO hard! Suddenly buying jocks and socks for Dad and cologne for my partner was no longer a viable (or fun) option! So I created the Club Collection - a unique mix of hand picked candy from all around the world packaged up in our luxury men's Candygram. 

My fave? Well the Whisky Rocks of course! These delicious hand made chocolates are filled with the right amount of smooth Whisky to be a must in my house (and in my belly!). 

The Club Collection Candygram features:

Whisky Rocks - European dark chocolates handmade in Germany and filled with Single Malt Whisky! Warning: don't bite these in half, you'll want to eat these whole to avoid the whisky escaping!

Cube Libre - A chewy highball cocktail inspired gummy - enjoy the unique flavours of Cola combined with smooth white rum - basically it's a grown-up coke bottle.

Bourbon Caramels - Smooth Bourbon, dark chocolate and buttery caramel pancrafted into one delicious little ball in America. Americans really know how to make caramels into buttery goodness.


2. Something for the best gal pal or the coolest human you know.

The Galentine Collection is a quirky, unique and fun Candygram with a pinch of tongue in cheek on the side.  I am always looking for little things to brighten the day of my best girl friends and the Galentine does just that.

Sometimes you just have to let people know that you think that they are a Unicorn in a field of horses, a Mermaid in a sea of fish and a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. They truly are one of a kind, so this Christmas there is no better gift for your Bestie than the Galentine. 

The Galentine Collection Features:

Sour Lips - I'm a huge sour candy fan and these lips really pack a punch that will make you pucker. Made with all natural strawberry, watermelon and cherry flavours and finished with a dust of fine sour sugar crystals.  These are also vegan and vegetarian friendly. 

Green Apple Frogs - I first tried these delicious frogs in a candy store in Germany and was mesmerised as they truly taste like you are biting into a juicy Granny Smith apple.

Majestic Unicorns - pineapple, strawberry and lemon gummies in the shape of a unicorn? Um, yes please! I believe that all grown-ups (like kids) should be able to believe in magic. Embrace your inner unicorn and try our Majestic Unicorn gummies.


3. I love you like X O

I truly am a sucker for love and pretty things, and this Candygram hits all of the feels. Sometimes it is nice to just be able to send something beautiful and sweet to say "I love you". Our XO collection was launched on Mother's Day and has been a huge hit ever since. Say I love you to the special people in your life this Christmas with our XO candygram. 

The XO Candygram Features:

Bearies and Cream - I love strawberries and cream! And this candy is our ode to a traditional Australian lolly, with a very cute makeover. Juicy strawberries and smooth cream are combined together in a bear-y cute little package, so cute it's hard to stop at one!

Oh My Hearts - These hearts are almost too pretty to eat! Oh My Hearts are a pretty little collection of all natural gummy hearts in strawberry, cherry and lime flavours. Not too soft and not too sweet, just perfect!

Rose Royalé - These are definitely one of my faves! With a deliciously soft, all natural cherry centre and a chewier exterior in flavours like strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant, they taste almost as good as they look.


4. Forget Love, I'd rather Fall in Chocolate!

Everyone knows at least one person who says that they don't eat lollies (though they would if they tried ours)! This collection of grown-up luxury chocolates will become a regular in the chocolate lovers life.

We travelled the world in the search for incredible chocolate with a twist and these chocolates are just that. Two of our most popular alcoholic choc candy cubes are paired with a candy cube filled with crunchy chocolate coated cookies. Perfect as a gift, or as an addition to your Christmas appetisers. Serve in the cube or in a bowl, whatever you fancy - but these candies certainly aren't suitable for children!

The Chocolate Lovers collection features:

Limoncello Cordials - a crisp candy shell holds a creamy white chocolate centre, with a surprise shot of the tangy Italian lemon liqueur hidden inside.

Kir Royalé - a luscious little shot of the dark red French liqueur, Crème de cassis, encased in creamy white chocolate and dusted in fine blackcurrant powder.

Confetti Crunch - why celebrate your birthday only once a year? Everyone deserves a flavour party and our Confetti Crunch hits the spot. Bite sized cookie pieces coated in chocolate and confetti - yum! 


5. Sparkling into the New Year with style and grace (and a little bit of sweet bubbles!)

Confeitto's Bubbly Bears (super cute gummy bears infused with real Prosecco from Italy), are what started it all! Where is all of the candy for grown-ups? Right here of course!

Our ultra luxe Sparkling Candygram features three of the best grown-up candies to help celebrate any special occasion. This year I am really excited to be able to share one of these with my friends as we ring in the New Year!

Each Sparkling Collection Candygram features:

Bubbly Bears - pop a bottle (or cube) and celebrate the finer things in life with these sweet little bears. Made with quality Prosecco from the wine regions of Italy, enjoy them in both Brut and Rosé. 

Grappa Cordials - not for the faint of heart these are the perfect end to a delicious meal, or perhaps even as a sneaky nightcap. Tiny shots of Grappa encased in either milk or white chocolate shells, these taste bombs start sweet and innocent, but watch out - they pack a punch.

Bellini Hearts - from the moment you open these Bellini Hearts the smell will have you dreaming of lounging by the poolside on a hot summers' day. All natural gummy hearts bursting with juicy peach flavours, and covered in tingly sugar crystals for a little sour kick. These are perfect paired with a glass of Champagne (or a Bellini, of course) to make for an extra fun candy buffet.


Still undecided? Shop our range of Candy Cubes and Taster Packs to use as stocking stuffers, include in the Christmas Feast spread or create a unique gift of your own.

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